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The Definitive Music Collection
18 of Barry’s Albums in One Place!
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Science-Based and Spiritually Connected Music and Sound Tools for Meditation, Relaxation, Inspiration, and Transformation to assist in Reducing Stress and Anxiety, Improving Sleep, Shifting Mood, and Increasing Focus, Productivity, and Overall Well-Being
Barry’s Grammy Award Winning Productions and Soul inspiring Compositions have been utilized by Groundbreaking Artists, Authors and Health Experts Including:
The Soundtrack of Transformation for Medical Pioneers, Neuroscientists, NY Times Best Selling Authors, Physicians, Spiritual Leaders, Bio-Hackers, and Global Influencers who inspire Hope, Healing, and Love around the globe...
"Barry has taken my audiences into elegant and deep states of mind. He has regularly composed music to transcend this reality. His original music helps our students get beyond their bodies, disconnect from their environment, and forget about time. That’s when the magic happens. "
Dr. Joe Dispenza
New York Times best-selling author, researcher, lecturer, and corporate consultant

Barry Goldstein is a globally renowned expert in the field of music, sound, and vibration. For the last 30 years, he has developed specific protocols, techniques, and teachings that he brings to life in his workshops, events, best-selling book, and now this life-altering music offering!

Now It's Your Turn To Experience the Sonic Alchemy of Barry Goldstein
Science-Based Designer Music Created to Optimize Health and Well-Being

Included with The Definitive Digital Music Collection are suggested usages... 
Experience 18 albums of Barry’s Prolific Compositions...

Definitive Music Collection - 18 Physical Albums For...
Relaxation, Inspiration, Transformation, Guided Meditation, Sound Healing, Sleeping Challenges, and Shifting Mood
  • Ambiology 1 - The Heart: The first album in the 6-album Ambiology series. This music takes the listener into a deep state of relaxation using its lush, long tones and ambient textures. Composed at a tempo consistent with your heart in a relaxed state, the "Heart" naturally brings the listener's breathing back to its natural rhythm. The one-hour composition brings the listener to an environment where releasing anxiety, healing, and achieving meditative states are accomplished. (1 hour)
  • ​Ambiology 2 - The Breath: All that we bring into our bodies starts with the breath. The airy tones and textures will bring consciousness to each breath you take. Every breath will have its own meaning, a symbol that you are alive and vibrant! Great for Stress Reduction. (1 hour)
  • Ambiology 3 - The Journey: The luscious pads and beautiful trickling piano lines take the listener on a journey that starts with the first note of this wonderful hour-long album. Great for journaling and contemplation. (1 hour)
  • Ambiology 4 - Home: Home creates an energy of gratitude and honoring for the space it is played in; it gives the listener a feeling of renewed freshness. The beautiful round tones of sustained prayer bowls and warm, low frequencies create a sense of warmth and safety. Think of this composition as a “Musical Sage” to create a peaceful environment. (1 hour)
  • Ambiology 5 - Eden: The one hour of continuous, lush, ambient music was composed at a tempo that is consistent with your heart at a relaxed state. The low earthy tones ground the listener and then blend into ethereal voices that connect the listener with their true heavenly nature and intuitive self. They are then brought together by beautifully interwoven pianos that create an opening for transformation and attunement. The beautiful harmonics within this piece take the listener to “The Zone” effortlessly. Supports brain harmony. (1 hour)
  • Ambiology 6 - Genesis: The dictionary defines Genesis as: “The time or circumstances of something coming into being.” The most ethereal and minimalist of all of the Ambiology series, this album is the perfect companion for those who are looking for non-distracting, transformational music. Genesis creates the feeling of a comfortable blanket on a winter’s day, engulfing the listener with feelings of safety and nurturing and the ability to move through fears and delve into new territories. Helps with Sleep Challenges. (1 hour)
  • ​The Infinite: An immersive journey into the unlimited field of all that is…the infinite. Allow the expansive musical textures, orchestral overtones, pulsing frequencies, and grounding tones to move your heart and brain to a balanced, coherent state. (1 hour)
  • ​Element 5: Combines earthy rhythms, airy textures, flowing percussion, and passionate melodies. Feel a sense of calm engulf you as a relaxed state becomes your new rhythm." Ten earthy instrumental musical pieces that tap into the elements …Great for Yoga, Tai Chi and Movement.
  • ​Yoga Journeys: 10 Musical Pieces designed specifically for your Yoga and Breath Practice.
  • The Moment: 10 Pop/Rock heart connected songs to lift the soul Keep this one in your car to elevate your mood and connect you to the energy of the present moment.
  • ​Shine: Bridges Sound Healing and pop Music with 11 contagious songs and Chants (Like Sting or Peter Gabriel).
  • ​Peaceful Day: Two guided meditations with music to create your day and clear your energy at night.
  • ​Vibrational Program: A daily music program to balance and harmonize your energy centers and your life.
  • ​Ultimate Playlist: Utilizes hand-picked songs from Barry’s favorites as a bridge to tap into positive, elevated emotions and transform your day!
  • ​The Heart Code: 2-30 minute pieces. The Heart Codes is a groundbreaking album Utilizing Triple Number Frequencies that takes you on a powerful journey back to your heart. Composed at 60 beats per minute to assist your heart in moving to a more relaxed state. (1 hour)
  • ​Cosmic Consciousness: Imagine floating in space, free from any physical tensions and the gravity of your mind. Surrender to the unknown and tap into the unlimited field where everything is possible. (1 hour)
  • ​Ignite Your Heart 1 & 2: Great for inspiration, motivation, creativity, and Breathwork! (Big Drums, Orchestral Activations, World Chants, and heart opening Melodies to help you create movement and alchemize your life)
  The Definitive Digital Collection Is The Perfect Complement to the Heart of Well-Being 8-hour audio collection...


I’m Barry Goldstein

Some of you may not know my name, but you’ve likely heard music I created for Les Paul, Shirley MacLaine, Dr. Daniel Amen, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Neale Donald Walsch and many more...
My Grammy Award-winning productions and innovative product development have charted on Billboard, and have been featured in...
  • Film
  • TV 
  • # 1 PBS Specials
And I've Put my Vast Experience Together For You In This Collection To Assist You in Balancing Heart, Mind, and Body

Over 30 Years Of Experience

Infused into 18 Albums!

The Definitive Music Collection - Physical Edition
Are you ready to tap into the life-changing effects of this expansive offering of Music, Sound, and Vibration? (The Physical Edition can be shipped to the U.S. Only.)

Here’s what people are saying about my programs…

“Barry Goldstein is a prolific, soulful musician and a talented and heart-centered teacher. This course gave me all the information, inspiration and resources I needed to heal and transform my life.“
- O.L.
“I highly recommend taking a course with Barry! He introduces new science and research that enlightened me about the medical benefits of music.” 

 - Darlene
“Well-researched and curated information and practices from a passionate and experienced human being.”

- J.S.

This Is Just The Beginning...

Over the course of this year, I will release a number of programs that will comprise an extensive and growing program called "The Sound of Transformation."

Like many of my other programs, courses, and events, The Definitive Music Collection -- Digital Edition will be delivered to you via my Sound of Transformation Portal (and it's also downloadable).

This means as I release more experiences, you'll be able to access all of my Programs in one place. 

Ultimately, my goal is to build a sound sanctuary for you to visit when you want motivation, creativity, inspiration, transformation, or just a "little" pick-me-up to help you focus. 

This is just the beginning of what's to come. 



Over 30 Years Of Experience

Infused into 18 Albums!

The Definitive Music Collection - Physical Edition
Are you ready to tap into the life-changing effects of this expansive offering of Music, Sound, and Vibration? (The Physical Edition can be shipped to the U.S. Only.)
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Disclaimer: Do not listen to this recording while driving or operating any machinery.
While our music program may contribute to wellness, it is not intended to replace medical diagnosis and treatment. 
In the unlikely event that you experience any unusual physical or mental discomfort, immediately discontinue use.